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Clorine Smell

This is a response to the concerns about the Cl2 residual ( chlorine smell).

The Cl2 demand changes when the climate changes,  from hot to cold or vice versa. When cooler weather exists the Cl2 demand goes down. When this occurs the device , chlorinator, that controls the Cl2 feed, is turned down. This is a slow process, we do not make drastic adjustments, we need to maintain a Cl2 residual. When the smell of chlorine is high from the water, it's either at a low level or high level. The Cl2 feed has been being adjusted for the past few days. The residual will get to a level when the chlorine smell will dissipate. During this time the Cl2 residual is and has been within the TCEQ parameters. Thank you for your information and concerns.

Have a very Merry Christmas.  

Your water board of directors